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  1. Just be active on the forum react and reply keep it lively/ welcoming
  2. This is wonderful dude I’m gonna stay checking here it always has stuff I like thank you guys your amazing
  3. That was very great intro welcome man?
  4. Thanx? Thank you for welcoming the ? ? Thnx for visiting my introduction?
  5. Good luck you all face the turtle?
  6. ???Name / Nickname Is ninja because of an old account(But you can call me Lamar)*~Ps not like from gta goshhhhhhh . Age: 22 . Location: United States -Chicago? . Interests: Are eating lettuce? ,I enjoy anime?(I couldn’t find an anime emoji ahhhhh lol )~ . How I found the website: I seen it on discorddddd?. (So ya that’s me the life Of a poor old turtle ?)
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