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  4. Is this still active bro? all the posts are from 2020 -_-
  5. In my opinion... Youtube is way better bro xD! Sorry, i mean to disrespect but youtube is just better for learning how to code. thats what i did to learn...
  6. Wait, I'm pretty sure this is patched lol...
  7. To be honest I would say that pcpartpicker is one of my favorite things to do when i'm bored lol. It's so amusing. Btw i have a 1.5k gaming setup
  8. Is this site Still working? It seems to be down for me?
  9. Wow? how will be money be sent? BTC or..?
  10. So originally it was the wild west on xbox 360 and the beginning of xbox one. i'll be the first to admit i had a field day, it was easy. Then the patch that almost shut down the entire 'comm' . All of a sudden party pulling was dead. now you had to have at least a basic understanding of networking to be able to obtain someones IP. If were being honest alot of ppl in that community havent stood a chance since then lol. Do you guys think it will ever return to its former glory? the last 'fix' didnt last long at all, and i really dont see a way around it at this point. [Maybe something involving ipv6, but ... well yea]
  11. Github is my go to for open source anything. They have a huge database of software, and most of it is fully working. i love building Discord bots, but they have gotten stale lately. I know its against their "tos" but i recommend looking into selfbots. You can pretty much create unlimited custom commands, and you can use pre coded commands from other bots as long as their in the same language. Github has options for both varieties https://github.com
  12. this post was awhile go, so needless to say its a terrible idea to use pastebin in your panels code at all
  13. Wow i want this Wow that's great.. i want too
  14. OctoSniff basically does everything that he just suggested pretty much https://octosniff.net/partner/software/4 if you wish to use the tool if not you can use the addons or such and the tools on the site https://beta.octosniff.net/tools
  15. Maria123


    I wish everyone happiness
  16. Wh4p


    Hello, I found this site while roaming around. I’m interested in learning more about cyber security as this is what I personally want to pursue in life and make a career out of. I also aim to seek out information as they say in YouTube ads, KnowLeDge iS PowEr.
  17. This is a BRAND NEW addon and never seen before! We are now able to check 10 000 usernames of your choice within 10 seconds! Hypothetically, if you add 1 000 000 usernames, you will get all the results in ~10 minutes!
  18. This type of content is not allowed. Further accounts to participate in these activities will be immediately banned,
  19. Tonight we are gonna start a big Ransomware Attack on Discord there will be a lot of people losing data files an etc this will be a big Discord Attack so if you are one of the people that sucks
  20. dead by daylight tbh, its an old game and i quit for a while and just started getting back into it
  21. octosniff is the best ip puller and sniffer!!!!!
  22. Can I get the sites please
  23. its pretty much easy if u need one for game systems and someones being rude u can find what state and city there in and there ip u can even for the other site i used is one i can post on anywhere and if u make a link for it u can copy and paste to any social media and when they press it u go to your thing and check it and it will tell u after u hide bots where there at pretty much both the sites i used is good i personally like both let me know if u want the sites because im here if u need me
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