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  6. Pluxzw


    Where can i buy points and can i pull ips
  7. Where can i buy points and can i pull ips
  8. Anyone got any modded GTA accounts for xbox? If so can I get one?
  9. battlefield for life cods good 2
  10. twitter Opnickbooter


  11. I'm an ARK main, but I'm curious what everyone else plays.
  12. please 20 please 20 me only if i could
  13. i need help getting momey on ps4 i jus start not tht long ago is there any good working solo money glitches
  14. Money wise - we're good. I'll happily sponsor the forum out of my own pockets. I wouldn't want to add Premium ranks till there is something we could offer that would be worth it. I'm still interested in running this forum & open to ideas on how we could get some activity going!
  15. I want to know people
  16. if you use a wired setup while sniffing you dont have to spoof and you cant lag out
  17. does anyone think it would be possible to have a ps4 part kicker?
  18. lol i remember it was about 2 years after the game came out i had a prostitute with me on a mountin and i was about 8 at the time my mom walked in and said that they take your money i thought they gave me money she also at that time called them clowns so i ended up getting out and shot her then i didnt really ever go and pick one up again poor franklin hasn't gontin a bj in 5 + years
  19. POV on the person who found: **There a 13 year old boy and his mom walked in**
  20. It’s simple just go ahead and make new account once your subscription runs out. Doing this will make the subscription fee only $1 because its a new account. If you want to be really cheap earn some gamerscore and Microsoft points to get a free one dollar gift card to purchase Gamepass The extra benefit is that Gamepass is also XBl Gold the subscription are merged
  21. I made a video tut for it so if you want go check it out
  22. This is easily the best site to find open source Discord bots. Enjoy Link: https://awesomeopensource.com/projects/discord-bot
  23. This is my simple Radio Discord bot. This is the source code so you will have to have a LITTLE bit of knowledge on how to run it and possibly put it on a host. Enjoy Note: If you do skid rip this or re-post it the least you could do is give ya boy some credit. Download: https://mega.nz/folder/zk0WQSrQ#3dnRnRBS7SitBWsGTgNZgA
  24. But now the real question... Where?
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