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Found 4 results

  1. Requirements : You need to have Ron unlocked and available to call to request a Job from him, that is pretty much it. Steps : 1. Go into a public session, I have tested it in an Invite Only and could not get it to work. 2. Got to pause menu -> Online -> Options -> Put Join Next Mode From Spectator Box to Don't Join -> Matchmaking to Closed -> Spawn Location to Last Location -> Remain Host after next job host screen to ON 3. Go to the interaction menu, and press on Hide Options and make sure Jobs, Events and Other are set to HIDE 4. Walk up to the Arena Ticket Booth, which is located around the actual Arena in multiple areas. 5. Call Ron and request a job from him, and wait 5- 20 seconds for his job to appear 6. Walk up to the Ticket Booth and pull up the phone and accept Ron's job, once it loads up, you want to quit the job and spam right on the D-Pad to go into the Ticket Booth, once it gives the option to pay $10, spam X on PS4 or A on XBOX 7. Now it will give you an error on the top left and you will be in 100% God Mode, but do not enter any apartments etc or it will be removed, and do not start any death-matches. This glitch is just to have fun, not to be a scum and go into God Mode and killing the whole session for a high K/D, if this glitch worked for you, react and comment so others can try it.
  2. Since we don’t have a windows down option this is an easy way to do it solo. ENJOY!!! :) You are going want to have your personal vehicle out that you want your windows down on. Go to you your yacht and go to the bridge( where the captain is) and go where you can set up the missions. Once you get to the screen to confirm settings, hit confirm and then back all the way out till you are in free mode. Go to your personal vehicle and the windows will be down. If it’s a two door then the driver side and passenger side windows will be down. If it’s a four door then all four will be down. I don’t know if you can do this with other missions but this is the only way I found that will work every time.
  3. 1- Call in your RC bandito or RC tank 2- Drive to where you want to hop out to, keep in mind you’re completely invulnerable and off the radar while driving a RC vehicle 3- Press pause, go to online, jobs, play job and start up any job you want (I tested this with “A titan of a job”, but it should work with any job) 4- Wait until you load into the lobby, and then quit the lobby 5- You should spawn where you have driven to with your RC vehicle. Works for all platforms.
  4. Information prior to doing the glitch : You need the free Elegy RH8, you need the Arena and the Arena Workshop and the Benny's mechanic, and you need to have your Elegy you want to glitch on the Workshop level. You also need to have the RC Bandito, it does not need to be upgraded, it just needs to be in the workshop and owned. Your spawn location also needs to be at one of your owned apartments, change your outfit to force the game to save that location. STEP 1 : Go to your RC Bandito and press right D Pad and press the XB / PS button and launch the YouTube / Netflix / Spotify Application and then press the XB or PS button and Quit out of the YouTube / Netflix / Spotify Application and go back to the GTA Game. STEP 2 : You will be spawned into Story Mode and the moment you spawn in, spam the pause button and make sure your Targeting mode is set to Free Aim, then start up an invite only session. STEP 3 : Since you are in your apartment, just teleport to a close job near your Arena - To teleport to a job near the Arena, press the pause button and extend the map and start the job up, then go to your friends list and press to join up on someone who is on a different targeting mode. You need to accept the first alert and deny the second alert. Now you will need to back to your Arena Workshop level. STEP 4 : Go to your Elegy RH8 and go inside and press right on the D pad and if you did everything right, you will stay in the same place if the glitch is done correctly. STEP 5 : At this point you need to go to the Sell option and sell it for $0 and you will get a black screen, then go to join anyone on your friends list in a different targeting mode. Accept the first alert and deny the second alert. STEP 6 : If you did everything right, you will spawn back into your Arena and be in the car and then press right on the D pad and you will get a glitched animation and wait for the car to drive in the workshop. STEP 7 : Click the first option to update the Benny's Elegy Retro Custom and press it once, do not fully accept it, just go to the alert that says " Are you sure you want to upgrade the Elegy Retro Custom? " and you just want to back-out and press " Exit the Workshop ". STEP 8 : You will get a black screen and then you will see once it loads up that you were credited the amount the Retro Custom is worth. Be warned, this will count towards your Daily Sell Limit, so do not sell too many per day, i would recommend one per hour, but about 6 - 8 a day. This glitch took me roughly 4 minutes to do, so hypothetically you can make about $9,000,000 per hour. If this glitch worked for you, don't forget to reply here and on the poll and let everyone else know who is hesitant to try it, and if you have any issues with it do not be scared to @ me and ask for help.
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