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Found 1 result

  1. Requirements : You need to have Ron unlocked and available to call to request a Job from him, that is pretty much it. Steps : 1. Go into a public session, I have tested it in an Invite Only and could not get it to work. 2. Got to pause menu -> Online -> Options -> Put Join Next Mode From Spectator Box to Don't Join -> Matchmaking to Closed -> Spawn Location to Last Location -> Remain Host after next job host screen to ON 3. Go to the interaction menu, and press on Hide Options and make sure Jobs, Events and Other are set to HIDE 4. Walk up to the Arena Ticket Booth, which is located around the actual Arena in multiple areas. 5. Call Ron and request a job from him, and wait 5- 20 seconds for his job to appear 6. Walk up to the Ticket Booth and pull up the phone and accept Ron's job, once it loads up, you want to quit the job and spam right on the D-Pad to go into the Ticket Booth, once it gives the option to pay $10, spam X on PS4 or A on XBOX 7. Now it will give you an error on the top left and you will be in 100% God Mode, but do not enter any apartments etc or it will be removed, and do not start any death-matches. This glitch is just to have fun, not to be a scum and go into God Mode and killing the whole session for a high K/D, if this glitch worked for you, react and comment so others can try it.
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