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  1. Solo Glitch ! This glitch is new with the recent pause menu change. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Step 1: you need to pick up a prostitute and take her to a secluded location. Step 2: you pause the game immediately after purchasing a service. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There you have it, you can vibe with the prostitute for as long as you want. No sex or nothing, just two humans chilling.
  2. you can also use simeon but yeah this is a dope glitch for sure
  3. Requirements: 1.Arcade 2.Paige hacking device mission 3.the outfit you want the badge on saved Step 1. Go into your arcade and start paige hacking device mission Step 2. if your clothes changed to the fib looking one then you got the right version of the mission. There are 2 types for the mission, noose building the wrong one and fib building, the one you want to get. Step 3. immediately go to ammu-nation and equip the outfit you want to have the badge on. Step 4. get the badge from the dead agent, it should appear on your outfit. Step 5. Go back to ammu nation and save your outfit with the FIB badge on it PS: if you die after Step 4, you’ll lose it. Advice: To get the right FIB building mission just switch session and start hacking device again and again until you get it. Works on every approach!!!
  4. Thats a good method to! but that way for me works sometimes, not all the time.
  5. Since we don’t have a windows down option this is an easy way to do it solo. ENJOY!!! :) You are going want to have your personal vehicle out that you want your windows down on. Go to you your yacht and go to the bridge( where the captain is) and go where you can set up the missions. Once you get to the screen to confirm settings, hit confirm and then back all the way out till you are in free mode. Go to your personal vehicle and the windows will be down. If it’s a two door then the driver side and passenger side windows will be down. If it’s a four door then all four will be down. I don’t know if you can do this with other missions but this is the only way I found that will work every time.
  6. 1- Call in your RC bandito or RC tank 2- Drive to where you want to hop out to, keep in mind you’re completely invulnerable and off the radar while driving a RC vehicle 3- Press pause, go to online, jobs, play job and start up any job you want (I tested this with “A titan of a job”, but it should work with any job) 4- Wait until you load into the lobby, and then quit the lobby 5- You should spawn where you have driven to with your RC vehicle. Works for all platforms.
  7. This only works when you're the only person in a crew so you need to create your own crew. Select your spawn location -> pause the game -> go to the online tab -> hit "join crew members" -> it will take about 20-40 seconds to spawn you back in the same session at the new spawn location. Personally, I do this when I'm too far from my Orbital Cannon. Its an affective tryhard strategy.
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