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Found 4 results

  1. Solo Glitch ! This glitch is new with the recent pause menu change. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Step 1: you need to pick up a prostitute and take her to a secluded location. Step 2: you pause the game immediately after purchasing a service. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There you have it, you can vibe with the prostitute for as long as you want. No sex or nothing, just two humans chilling.
  2. Requirements: 1.Arcade 2.Paige hacking device mission 3.the outfit you want the badge on saved Step 1. Go into your arcade and start paige hacking device mission Step 2. if your clothes changed to the fib looking one then you got the right version of the mission. There are 2 types for the mission, noose building the wrong one and fib building, the one you want to get. Step 3. immediately go to ammu-nation and equip the outfit you want to have the badge on. Step 4. get the badge from the dead agent, it should appear on your outfit. Step 5. Go back to ammu nation and save your outfit with the FIB badge on it PS: if you die after Step 4, you’ll lose it. Advice: To get the right FIB building mission just switch session and start hacking device again and again until you get it. Works on every approach!!!
  3. Since we don’t have a windows down option this is an easy way to do it solo. ENJOY!!! :) You are going want to have your personal vehicle out that you want your windows down on. Go to you your yacht and go to the bridge( where the captain is) and go where you can set up the missions. Once you get to the screen to confirm settings, hit confirm and then back all the way out till you are in free mode. Go to your personal vehicle and the windows will be down. If it’s a two door then the driver side and passenger side windows will be down. If it’s a four door then all four will be down. I don’t know if you can do this with other missions but this is the only way I found that will work every time.
  4. This is LEGIT the most broken glitch for PS4 / Xbox at the moment, you can make $2,000,000 every few minutes with this very simple glitch, but do not do it more than like 25 - 30 times a day or RockStar might crack down on your account. Requirements : Any Properties in 1 - 6 slot, the most expensive Maze CEO Building - You can use any building, but if you own this building, you are guaranteed $2,000.000 every time. Have about $60,000 handy because you will need to purchase two properties that are EXTREMELY cheap. Trading in $60,000 for $2,000,000 is a steal! STEPS : 1. Make sure you own the Maze CEO Office Building ( tallest building in the game ). 2. Go on the GTA phone and locate Dynasty8 and find the property " Unit 124 Popular Street " DO NOT BUY IT just press the button that locates it on the map and go to the property. 3. Once you are at the property, walk up to the sign and MAKE SURE you buy the property onto the 6th slot, make sure it will be on the 6 / whatever many you have, if it is not, the glitch will not work! 4. Now change your spawn location to LAST LOCATION and switch your outfit to force the game to save it. 5. Go to creator -> Online -> Invite Only Session 6. Once you load up, open your GTA Phone and go to Dynesty8 and make the filter say Lowest to Highest properties and locate he cheapest property 7. Once you find the cheapest one which is $26,000 or so, press to purchase it and replace it with the 6th slot 8. If you did everything correctly, you will see that your 6th slot which costed less than 100K is worth $2,000,000 replace it and you will get that money worth 9. Rinse and Repeat - But not more than 30 times in one day, your account may be flagged if you do ! IF THIS GLITCH WORKED FOR YOU PLEASE COMMENT AND REACT TO THE POST FOR THE PEOPLE WHO ARE HESITANT TO TRY IT!
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