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  1. If your looking for a Day Z server thats all PVP and all mature people look up Kingdom PVP.
  2. I have a feeling like the map will be turning into a full on world. I can see Rockstar making the current GTA the last one with a final hooray being all the maps brought in. Just my opinion, probably way off though.
  3. All depends on what I am doing. For gaming I don't use any, if you hit me off then I will just release and renew my IP to get a new one. Now when im in my office I use my own offsite hosted one with redundant ISP's and power.
  4. Name / Nickname: TrainGuy Location: United States. Age: 29 You may of seen me or may not have. Very involved with cybersecurity and counter terrorism operations as a side job. Day to day i'm just a railroader and firefighter. Say hi don't be shy the bite don't hurt that bad.
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