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  1. Gwap

    60fps monitors.

    The monitors are in hertz and not fps. Yes you can go over 60 fps. Before having a 165hz screen, I had a 60hz and I played big games at 140 fps
  2. How does it feel to try to be a person you're not? Just asking
  3. Imagine using Corpse's name and his profile picture ?
  4. Gwap

    Linked accounts

    For my part, I think there is too much risk of dox for people who do not really know what they are doing with their social network account.
  5. Gwap


    Can be a good idea
  6. Yes it is true, I explained briefly. Personally I have been using my servers for 2-3 years with openvpn and have never had any problems ?
  7. I think it’s a good idea
  8. I suggest you to make your own one using openvpn on a cheap vps. It take 2 minutes to setup a vpn.
  9. Lol, there is a lot more to do to be able to be ‘’safe’’ on the web.
  10. Hello, here are my suggestions: - Add roles to buy with different benefits. - Private section for people who paid for roles. - Contract for the sale of premium software to avoid scams. - Section for hacking tools and programs Ex: Rat, keylogger. - Section for advanced hacking Ex: Botnets, Cryptography, Reverse Engeneering. - Section for leaks ( cracked programs, source code ). - Regulations section. Thanks!
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