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  1. Really late, welcome to Sechub!
  2. Heyo! Welcome to Sechub and thanks for adding me on Xbox maybe we can play soon!
  3. Welcome fellow forum member! Lmao
  4. Welcome, but you may want to change it lmao
  5. Thanks man! Thanks V4zz! I tried lmao
  6. Thank you! Very much will, thanks! Thank you I appreciate it!
  7. Mevaas

    Join my Club

    I would love to join, but I'm too lazy lmao. So if you want to add me "DimensionMeva" and invite me I would really like that. Lmao
  8. I really like this idea
  9. I acctully really hated that this happened because my Xbox is really slow and made it hard to update this lol
  10. Ah sorry it may be because I have a custom Gamertag DimensionMeva. Thanks for letting me know!
  11. I think "The Messengers" is a great show about how there are 7 angels of God that have abilities that they use to beat the four hoursemen of the Devil
  12. I have a feeling that they will only end up making an area closer to the storyline for Trevor's messed up antics. ?
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