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    I got declined!!!
  2. Thank you Thank you homie
  3. What's going on kings and queens. My name is God, but you can call me Creator of all things. Anyway I'm 20. Things that interest me are nature, gaming, coding, are insane world and what lies beyond, and I'm just overall a person that enjoys learning new things. Currently just trying to get a handle on this crazy thing we called life. Thanks for reading hope to meet and get to know you guys and maybe even call you (virtual)friends lmao
  4. Like they said above it's very reliable and cheap for their 30+ Public Servers even their Private servers starting at $20.00/month is very nice. They make it very easy to become a reseller you dont need to configure anything Octo Admins do it all for you. It's a very good deal if you ask me.
  5. Definitely gonna share with my GTA friends ?
  6. God

    First topic...

    For sure PlayStation. Xbox is neat and all, but I think PlayStation really stepped up in specs for the 5.
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