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  1. Wdym "owned" by an Octosniff staff? Your reply doesn't make much sense and i need to correct you that "IP Pulling" and capturing packets isn't illegal in the slightest xD
  2. Found this sick Solo dupe car glitch. Only requires a garage filled with faggios, an MOC and you need to be a MC President. (8/29/2020 still working) Link -
  3. Or just dont sell illegal services and everyones happy
  4. Kind of pointless but maybe people could fill out a form for a ban appeal for the octosniff/VPN discord. Idk, just an idea
  5. Daze

    Octosniff Staff

    You're just mad you cant join :tehehe:
  6. Daze

    Dark Mode

    thank you to everyone, will be deleting the thread shortly
  7. It's a method to stay safe. Obviously i'm not saying you can hop on the dark web with this and come out unscathed. Feel free to list some possible ideas so i can add them to the thread
  8. Daze

    Dark Mode

    I'm sure everyone's thought of this but a "Light" and "Dark" mode for the forum ?
  9. Daze

    Octosniff Staff

    Sadly, you can't join until you've gotten one of the staff roles
  10. Here are the best ways to stay safe online: 1- Use a VM whenever possible, this can avoid malicious sites. You can find free ones on youtube which are completely safe. 2- Download using a VM. If you cannot or would rather not use a VM when surfing, you can always install Sandboxie and run downloads through it in a safe environment (https://www.sandboxie.com/) 3- VPNs. VPNs are always great to use to protect your own network from ddos attacks and encrypt your traffic. I'd highly advise Octovpn: https://partner.octovpn.com/565 Feel free to suggest and add other ways or ask any questions (Usually responds every 1-3 days)
  11. Daze

    Octosniff Staff

    Looking for all my homies rockin the Support staff / helper / discord staff role. Join my club to participate and unite
  12. Name / Nickname: Daze Age: 420 Location: CANADA Interests: Gaming on my PC, wreaking havoc and selling children on the dark web How I found the website: Octolus blackmailed me
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