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  1. So originally it was the wild west on xbox 360 and the beginning of xbox one. i'll be the first to admit i had a field day, it was easy. Then the patch that almost shut down the entire 'comm' . All of a sudden party pulling was dead. now you had to have at least a basic understanding of networking to be able to obtain someones IP. If were being honest alot of ppl in that community havent stood a chance since then lol. Do you guys think it will ever return to its former glory? the last 'fix' didnt last long at all, and i really dont see a way around it at this point. [Maybe something involving ipv6, but ... well yea]
  2. Github is my go to for open source anything. They have a huge database of software, and most of it is fully working. i love building Discord bots, but they have gotten stale lately. I know its against their "tos" but i recommend looking into selfbots. You can pretty much create unlimited custom commands, and you can use pre coded commands from other bots as long as their in the same language. Github has options for both varieties https://github.com
  3. this post was awhile go, so needless to say its a terrible idea to use pastebin in your panels code at all
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