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  1. POV on the person who found: **There a 13 year old boy and his mom walked in**
  2. I made a video tut for it so if you want go check it out
  3. This is easily the best site to find open source Discord bots. Enjoy Link: https://awesomeopensource.com/projects/discord-bot
  4. This is my simple Radio Discord bot. This is the source code so you will have to have a LITTLE bit of knowledge on how to run it and possibly put it on a host. Enjoy Note: If you do skid rip this or re-post it the least you could do is give ya boy some credit. Download: https://mega.nz/folder/zk0WQSrQ#3dnRnRBS7SitBWsGTgNZgA
  5. But now the real question... Where?
  6. Liars

    Awards | Ranks

    Or like every other forum lmao
  7. I had that before my series X.
  8. Ye so just have active forum moderators and helpers take down their post. It would help people buy
  9. As I seen in one of Octoplus's replies he mentions that some advertising as in Botnets can get in legal trouble which I full agree with but some service like GFX Designing and Coding should be allowed.
  10. What about coding services. For example: "Liars Discord Bot Developing Services"
  11. I use a Xbox Series X but I do have both
  12. Every forum needs this. It will help support the forum hosting and staff. ~~~~~~~~~~ RANK IDEAS ~~~~~~~~~~ Premium Secter ($15) Supreme Secter ($30) Godly Secter ($65) ~~~~~~~~~~ AWARD IDEAS ~~~~~~~~~~ 50 Post - Makes 50 post on the forum page. I nice milestone. 2FA - Someone who has activated 2FA on there Sec account. Protected - Someone who bought a private server or public server from OctoVPN (requires you to link your accounts) OG - Someone who has made there account within the first month of Sechub launch.
  13. Liars

    Sechub app

    Your very right now that I think of it. I will now shut up
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