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Xbox One GamerScore


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So i have suggested this already and it did get like 13 or so thumbs up,

So there is an old way of modding gamerscore and thats with xbox 360 games BUT

There is a new way now and it is with xbox one games now and its faster

I was wondering if there is a way you guys can make it an addon where we

can put our AUTH in and add how ever much gamerscore we want

(Yes the new way is with AUTH token) i know a few people that have it

and they sell it so if you need me to contact anyone i will try

i hope you take this in consideration cus you guys can make some money off of this.


Real Not Trouled#3992


My discord got banned for no reason for the 172639162375123791283612380123610296308th time in the row


ReaI#5476 is my new account


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