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  1. This is a BRAND NEW addon and never seen before! We are now able to check 10 000 usernames of your choice within 10 seconds! Hypothetically, if you add 1 000 000 usernames, you will get all the results in ~10 minutes!
  2. This type of content is not allowed. Further accounts to participate in these activities will be immediately banned,
  3. Barcode


    If you would like to purchase points, you may do so using this link : https://octosniff.net/partner/points/11295 - As for sniffing IPs if you purchase the correct product, yes.
  4. Welcome Zeke, I hope you enjoy the forums, happy to have you here
  5. The Marketplace section can be used to advertise / sell anything, as long as it is not illegal. Offering to sell GFX Designs and/or coding services is completely fine, if the actual interest is legal of course.
  6. I have a PS3 & 4 and a PC, however, the consoles just collect dust, rarely are turned on, and if they are, it is not for gaming purposes.
  7. Welcome to the forum, I hope you enjoy your stay
  8. Barcode

    Sechub app

    OctoSniff is a PC based puller, not possible for an app lol, OctoVPN has an app for android and soon coming out for iOS, there has been an android one for 1 year +, it just was now recoded and redesigned added newer features, if SecHub were to actually gain traffic, with many people posting constantly, an app would not hurt, those forms secondly would never get allowed on the app store nor google play store, due to them being forums for selling cracked / hacked accounts for cheap etc.
  9. As long as you make posts / topics, it is never too late
  10. Welcome to the forum Ecstasy, I hope you enjoy it and create new topics & posts
  11. Barcode


    I hope so too, because Barcode is a dope name I believe
  12. Welcome Sewnkin, I hope you enjoy the forums and become active
  13. Damn...I guess no one wants the $20 for being active anymore
  14. Barcode

    PS5 vs XBOX X

    Has anyone here pre-ordered either of them? If you have, which one did you get? And why did you buy it? I understand the Xbox S, since it is only $299, which is a surprise, but at the same time, PS5 Digital is the same as the one with the disk drive but the same components inside, no corners crossed. Do you think XBOX cut some corners to make a cheaper console and cut corners to try and make more sales?
  15. You guys are talking about rare, I believe Barcode is pretty rare
  16. This $20.00 is earned by being active...you do not get OctoSniff with it...
  17. Barcode

    Sechub app

    An app would be cool, however starting small and investing so much money and time into an app would be too much right now. Maybe in the future there will be plans - but even one of the biggest forums do not have a Mobile App.
  18. Barcode

    Octosniff Staff

    You should start being nice then
  19. Barcode


    Welcome...what a very special and unique name - ScrumptiousToes.
  20. Barcode

    Octosniff Staff

    Of course most people get declined...staff or no one has never heard of them.
  21. this was kinda made for general browsing and downloading softwares, not for really anything bigger
  22. I don't hit servers to win, but try to launch shorter attacks, and possibly a different method.
  23. i honestly feel the same way oh that would be chaotic lmao even if they do finish the next building, i hope it is like an open building we can walk around it and run up every single floor of it
  24. i know this way works, but pretty sure you can go down the road, accept martin or someone else's job and quit and it will roll it down too, not sure if it will work 100% all the time but it works
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