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    Welcome to the forum iJvmie
  2. Athena

    Octosniff Staff

    Ohh nuu that's poopy
  3. Athena

    Dark Mode

    Common Daze I thought more of you, there is already a suggestion for this and if you scroll to the bottom there is an option for Sechub 1.0 that I believe is a theme being worked on
  4. Welcome, and nice game choice btw Dayz is a really fun game, I'm not to big of a fan if R6 as the current situation with ddosing etc...
  5. Hmm, that's true... Is there an option to limit image size?
  6. fuc... yep you got it correct
  7. I'm guessing this'd be used for stuff like car meets?
  8. Hmm looks like someone i know
  9. Athena


    Welcome to Sechub!
  10. Honestly, that was really sweet, I'm glad you're here
  11. Referred this method to my friend, said it works nice
  12. Athena

    Join my Club

    Honestly there isn't a need to reply than lol
  13. Athena

    Octosniff Staff

    I don't believe you're staff hahah
  14. Athena

    My Suggestions

    Currently the forum is "Non Profit" I'm sure eventually that'll change as more people would like to get "premium features"
  15. I personally enjoy my Xbox much more than playing on PC, all the games I play currently aren't crossplay ?
  16. That's true, but some people prefer to use console as not all people can afford to get a PC and actually enjoy it more than playing on PC
  17. Athena


    Just thought I'd let you know
  18. Before OldRod was created KoiVM was a good choice, people now use modded versions of that. It's still rather easily deobfuscated but you actually need knowledge to do so instead of just a drag and drop into Oldrod, De4dot etc.. Honestly when it comes to protecting your tools using a obfuscator that uses Virtualisation is the way to go, just standard protection isn't good enough anymore
  19. Nice thread, but I'm pretty sure this section is for forum suggestions ?
  20. Honestly, I recommend not downloading anything you don't trust fully
  21. Athena


    Well... uhh that was interesting, me too ?
  22. The whole John wick series was pretty good, I might re watch them, thanks for the suggestion
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