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  1. I only have an xbox one because I'm broke.
  2. Hello, I am Ecstasy. A few things that people remember me for include Networking knowledge, Perl programming, and Xbox API manipulation. I like to make things in Perl. They aren't always useful, but it's a good way to pass the time. Another thing that interests me is exploitation via code injection, I have to try literally every time I see the opportunity. APIs, discord bots, nothing is safe from me attempting injection if I think I see an opportunity lol. Most of my time is spent developing programs or making fun of people who act like they know about things in the
  3. Ecstasy


    Hopefully OG doesn't just mean short username and a word lol
  4. I've been working with raw sockets for a bit, and I've managed to figure out IP header checksum calculation, but I've hit a wall here. What I can't seem to get a good understanding of is the checksums in the protocol (UDP, TCP, ICMP, etc) headers as seen in this screenshot. I understand that the pseudo header is involved, but what I don't understand from all of the guides that I could find is where the data (payload) comes in. The guides are very vague when it is mentioned, some imply that the data itself is used while others say it is only the length of the data. Could someone
  5. The only thing I've ever used to compile/obfuscate code successfully was Cython, but I'm not sure how easy it is to dump/decompile. I honestly don't think there is much that can be done in terms of hiding code in languages such as Python, but I don't have too much experience with it to begin with as I've given up on obfuscation and now just keep my code private.
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