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Found 1 result

  1. INSTRUCTIONS : Step 1: Skim over the prices for whatever service you want to purchase and decide on which plan you would like to buy. Step 2: Once you see the product(s) you want to purchase, scroll to the bottom for purchase instructions. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE VIA PAYPAL OctoSniff Downloadable Software : OctoSniff Software License : $20 USD (No Points) | $30 (With 1,500 Points) PayPal { Non-Negotiable } What comes with the Software? You will receive a redeemable Software Key which can be downloaded on any Window's Machine running 7 or higher. What can you use OctoSniff on? PlayStation 3 (Usernames - Free Life Time) PlayStation 4/5 (IP's & Usernames (Depends on Game & Requires Addon) - CLICK HERE FOR SUPPORTED GAME LIST XBOX 360 (Only IP's) XBOX 1/S/X (IP's & Usernames (Supported Games Only & Requires Addon) - CLICK HERE FOR SUPPORTED GAME LIST PC (IPs & Usernames (GTA 5 & RDR 1/2 Only & Requires Addon) What is not included with this offer? With the downloadable software, you will not gain access to the Xbox 1/S/X Game Decrypt, nor the PS4 Game Decryption, nor the other addons. - Remember, you can always buy points for these features. OctoSniff Points : OctoSniff Points : 500 Points for $8 USD | 1000 points for $13 USD | 2000 Points for $20 USD What can you buy with points? XBOX 1/S/X Party Decryption which allows you to pull IP:Username data directly from Party Chats. This is an OctoSniff exclusive and has NOT been released yet, although it will be released very soon. This addon requires you to be in the party to use it. (PATCHED FOR THE TIME BEING) XBOX 1/S/X Game Decryption Which allow you to pull IP:Username data from our supported games. This addon also does not require you to be in the game / own it, just for them to be in it. (iOS & Android friendly) XBOX 1/S/X non-host kick which allows you to kick people out of their own parties. (iOS & Android friendly) PS4 Game Decryption, which allows you to get usernames in supported games. (Requires OctoSniff Software on PC) Rockstar Decryption, which allows you to pull IP:Username data and know exactly who is who in your GTA 5 / RDR 1/2 sessions. (Requires OctoSniff Software on PC) Blacklisting Access : If you are not an OctoSniff customer and want to be removed from our Resolvers at https://xresolver.com/ and https://psnresolver.org - You must buy 500 points to be able to use this feature. Tools Access : Tools gives you the ability to use our advanced GEO IP Lookup, unlimited lookups via our resolvers for XBOX + PSN, and a PSN Username Checker. You must buy 500 points to be able to use this feature. Are your prices negotiable? To an extent, yes, if you are buying one item, no, but if you are planning to buy bulk I am willing to change prices around to fit your needs. Do you accept Refunds? Absolutely 100% not, once you buy with me, you cannot get your money back and return the Points or Software Key. What happens if I bought it and charge-back? If you purchase and ignore the Zero Refund policy, your services will be indefinitely terminated and will not be returned. Are you trustworthy? Yes, I have sold over 80 OctoSniff Licenses and over 30,000 Points to customers. If I need help setting the OctoSniff Software can you assist? Yes I can! I am currently an OctoSniff Admin and will be more than happy to assist you via TeamViewer / Discord. Where do I contact you to purchase? All purchases are done directly through Discord, and all Licenses and Points are delivered immediately. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE VIA PAYPAL
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