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    like a sort of sub forum that allow people to post a song or song link or allow producers to get some traction.
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    So kind of like OGU?
  3. Hey I'm Inu Or That One Obnoxious Kid Called Kdmu, I Basically Run Around Glitching Xbox Or Talking Shit To People Either In Fight Club Or Halo. I Mainly Either Sit Glitching Destiny, Halo Or Roblox Games.
  4. In this world, nothing really free, you will need to create a fresh msf account then buy game pass for £1 then download any game you want and get to keep it since they only check your game license when you only install it but with xbox consoles they check it when you launch the game. NOTE: Make sure you turn off the reoccuring bill.
  5. Hook up a KBM to your xbox & hop in a game then press F9 to see dev console which logs all boombox audios played, games such as Batting Day prevent this.
  6. Halo 2 was made in under 10 months so there bound to be some glitches on it, yes there is. If you use Bumper Jumper it'll be RB+ B or Y or RT then repeat for a punch cancel that actually registers as a hit.
  7. xb series s, rip on for it i don't mind.
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