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  1. lol i remember it was about 2 years after the game came out i had a prostitute with me on a mountin and i was about 8 at the time my mom walked in and said that they take your money i thought they gave me money she also at that time called them clowns so i ended up getting out and shot her then i didnt really ever go and pick one up again poor franklin hasn't gontin a bj in 5 + years
  2. i know its short and is purposless just asking?
  3. Hello my name is Zeke im more into gameing but i know a okay amount about pc stuff but im not a networking wizard my gamertag on xbox is AddensGirl1988 if you wana hang enjoy the rest of your day
  4. wether it be xbox ps or pc what do you guys have for as some people may be asking the same question for me its a 360 and a xbox one reply if you want
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