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  1. Anybody knows what's the best way to secure Python source codes? I have personally been converting the source file into a compiled byte code but that wasn't enough as i could decompile it within 2 minutes and i found it very frustrating as i couldn't publish any of my python apps without depending solely on the backend. Any suggestions?
  2. You send a post request to one of their endpoint along with your private key in the headers, here are their docs - https://pastebin.com/doc_api
  3. Name: Sewnkin Age: 19 Hobby: Web Security Achievements: Hacked a multi million dollars company at 18 Discord: Sewnkin#7271
  4. Node.js/Javascript, python3 & C# programmer and web dev located in lebanon, experienced in app automations/apis & modding fields - https://sewnkin.net/github

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